Guest agrees to pay for any damage caused by them or their invited guests to MUSA property or property of other MUSA guests.

As a term and condition of visiting MUSA (hereafter referred to as “Hotel”), the reservation holder and all their invited guests (hereafter referred to as “Guest”) acknowledges and agrees to assume all risks related to their visit to hotel including (but not limited to) participation in any and all activities at hotel, at the beach, or any and all locations where activities take place including excursions on or off the property of the hotel.

I acknowledge that I will release hotel, UNCHARTED VENTURES SAPI DE CV, its officers, staff members, volunteers, advisors, property owners, and/or agents (collectively “hotel”) in any location where guest activities are conducted, of and from all claims which may hereafter develop or accrue to me on account of injury, loss or damage, which may be suffered by guest or to any property, because of any matter, thing, or condition, negligence or default whatsoever, and I assume and accept the full risk and danger of any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by reason of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default, or any person or persons whatsoever.

Any dispute arising between the undersigned and hotel, including any dispute arising out of or in any way related to anyone in your party, shall be subject to binding, non-appealable arbitration to be brought exclusively in Guerrero, Mexico, and Mexican law shall apply. It is further agreed and understood that guest shall maintain in full force and effect, a policy of insurance covering medical treatment and all related costs in the event of an injury to him/her and as a result of his/her participation in any and all activities at hotel or as a result of stay at hotel. Guest also agree that if he/she do not maintain in full force and effect a policy of insurance, guest is still liable for medical treatment and all related costs in the event of an injury as a result of guest’s participation in any and all activities involving hotel as aforesaid. This release and assumption of liability shall be binding on guest, their heirs and their dependents. Please enjoy your stay.

As potential clients of MUSA, it is vitally important to earn your trust. This is a responsibility that we take seriously every day, so we recommend reading our policies thoroughly prior to booking.

When the reservation process is completed, our guest and MUSA undertake to comply with the internal rules of the hotel, respecting and acting in accordance with what is stated in our terms and conditions.

MUSA is exempt from any responsibility in the event that misunderstandings occur on behalf of the guest caused by not reading this document carefully. This is detailed information that we provide to all our guests at the time their reservation is confirmed. You can also find this information published on our website,

All our rates, promotions and discounts are subject to change without prior notice.When booking, your listed rate will be confirmed via email.For the most up to date information and availability at MUSA, please contact one of our agents by email to receive information about room types, rates, monthly promotions or discounts (only if applicable).

All our rooms are subject to availability unless our guest has guaranteed their reservation by credit card, unless this prerequisite is met, the rooms will be available to other potential guests and rates will be subject to changes without notice.

We require a valid payment via credit card to confirm your reservation.

Flexible Room prices are subject to cancellation fees up to 48 hours before check in. Cancellation fee is equal to the price of one night reservation. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged in full.

Non-Refundable room rates are considered best price and are non refundable 24 hours after booking.

*If you experience any travel issues related to COVID-19, government restrictions that affect your reservation outside of these cancellation windows please contact us directly with details.

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